Our specialization in the field of reconstruction of classic vehicles will save you time and unnecessary costs, knowing in advance that the quality of the final result will add extra value to your vehicle.
Put +25 years of experience and our genuine love for classic vehicles on top of that and you have what it takes to make the decision that will restore your favorite car back to its former glory.

The classic car market is international. Both in the field of sales and repair, vehicles are transported around the world in an effort to find specialized restoration units, whose experience and know-how guarantee the right end result. We are definitely one of them.
Besides, our simple process guarantees that you have full control over the restoration – no matter where you are!

The difference is huge. It concerns not only the equipment but also the know-how. It is not easy to create new pieces, perfect copies, from a sheet of metal to replace the rusty ones, so you do not have to fill the vehicle with kilos of putty.
The way of welding, the materials, and the way of application, are just some of the main differences.
In essence, we are talking about something completely different as a process, something that becomes more intense over the years as the local and fast painting gains ground in the repair industry.

The burning issue in which many have had a previous bad experience to the point of being discouraged from proceeding with a restoration. Without a doubt, restoring a classic car is an expensive sport. It is common in the effort to find a better price for the “painting” of the classic vehicle to choose companies that have no experience in reconstruction but have an attractive price offer.
The company can not calculate the time it takes to repair the vehicle, lacks experience, equipment and as the repair progresses it finds “surprises” such as rust and possibly previous bad repairs.
It goes without saying that every project is totally different and there can be no one-price-fits-all scenario, but we have the experience to give you a specific estimate of cost.
Just sign up for a free account and find out for yourselves!

Please keep in mind that estimated restoration time can be determined ONLY when the vehicle has been dismantled and old paint and coatings have been removed from its surface, reaching the bare plate.
At this point, you determine the exact cost of the repair.
We have the experience to make estimates and restorations that do not exceed 10% of the initial estimate.